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The term "All-American" is often used in canine competitions as a politically correct way of saying "mixed breed," or "mutt."  So All-American Dog Sports is named in honor of my mystery mutts, Sprout, Zeus, Lucas, Brie, Pye, and Audie.  Over the years, we have enjoyed playing at agility, obedience, tracking, herding, lure coursing, and just about every other dog sport we have had the opportunity to try.  We hope to be able to offer many opportunities for other dogs to enjoy playing these games as well.   

My philosophy is that dog training should be FUN for both the dog and the owner.  Agility is a team sport - a game that we play with our dogs. I use positive reinforcement methods - training should involve building better communication and improving your relationship with your dog.  Dogs love sports, and almost all dogs can benefit from more physical exercise and mental stimulation.  There is truth to the old saying that a tired dog is a good dog.  To that end, our goal is to provide more outlets for area dogs to expend their mental and physical energies.

All-American Dog Sports is located in Blacksburg, VA, in the New River Valley.  I offer private agility and obedience training, clicker training, problem solving, and events such as agility run-thrus and NADAC agility trials. We also offer beginner agility classes held at Flying Fur! Dog Daycare. I welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes, and abilities - purebreds and mixed breeds alike.  Whether your goal is to compete, or just to have some fun with your dog, we look forward to having you and your dog come play with us! 

Feel free to contact us for more information at info@AllAmericanDogSports.com

About Andrea

I have been training dogs in various sports for over 25 years, and teaching classes and private lessons for over 24 years. I am a CPDT-KA, certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Before moving to Blacksburg, I worked as the Dog Training Program Manager for the APS of Orange County in North Carolina. When we moved to Blacksburg in 2001, I found that there just wasn't the same opportunity to play dog sports in this area. So, I decided to go about creating more opportunities myself!


I have put obedience titles, nosework titles, Trick Dog Championships, and over 45 agility championship titles on multiple dogs, all rescue dogs of various breed mixes. By working with rescue dogs with differing backgrounds and different types of baggage, I have learned how to overcome many bumps in the training road, and at every step of the way, how to train the dog I have rather than the dog I think I should have.

Champs My dogs have competed successfully at the highest levels of agility. I have been a finalist at the NADAC Agility Championships with three different dogs. In 2009, my dog Lucas and I finished in 3rd place in the 20 inch height class. Lucas also won trophies for the overall Highest Scoring Mixed Breed Dog, and the overall Highest Scoring Rescue Dog, and the Highest Scoring Proficient Mixed Breed Dog in Jumpers.
In 2015, my dog Pye and I finished in 4th place in the very competitive 16-20 inch height class. Pye also won awards for the High Scoring All-American Rescue Dog, High Scoring Cattle Dog or Cattle Dog mix, and the High Scoring Dog from Virginia. Also in 2015, my dog Brie finished in 2nd place in the 12 inch height class. Three of my dogs, Lucas, Brie, and Pye, have earned places in the NADAC Agility Hall of Fame.
Pye, Brie, And Tippet with their 2015 Champs awards
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