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AADS Dogs Rock at the 2015 NADAC Championships!

Pye, Brie and Tippet, with all their awards!

Three dogs from All-American Dog Sports competed in the 2015 NADAC Agility Championships in Springfield, IL, October 1-4, 2015, and all three were finalists! Jennie Jones and Tippet had some awesome runs, including a couple of 1st places, in the 8" vet dog division, and finished in 4th place. Tippet also finished her NATCH2 while at Champs! Congrats!

Andrea Lengi and Brie finished in 2nd place in the 12" standard division, and also finished NATCH6 with their run in the finals, and Andrea Lengi and Pye finished in 4th place in the 16-20" standard division. Pye also won sponsored awards for the High Scoring All-American Rescue Dog and the High Scoring Cattle Dog/Cattle Dog Mix.


AADS May 2015 NADAC Agility Trial Report!

Photos by Jennie Jones

Thanks to all who came out for the May 30-31, 2015 All-American Dog Sports NADAC agility trial!  This was our eighth NADAC trial, and our first "games" trial. We had a great time with Judge Ben Philibert, with fun courses, nice weather, and good friends.  Special thanks to our awesome volunteers - everyone really stepped up to keep things running smoothly!  It was great seeing so many dogs finish titles and handlers achieve goals!  Congratulations to everyone on your accomplishments!  From the brag board:

  • Dinah – Outstanding Open TNG
  • Mac – 2 Q’s: TNG, 1st Tunnelers
  • Jet – Outstanding Novice TNG
  • Kalle - Outstanding Novice TNG
  • Chief - Outstanding Open TNG
  • Coco – Open Weavers
  • Jad “Zia” Dax – Versatility NATCH 8
  • Winston – Novice Weavers
  • Annabelle – First Open title
  • Luke – Novice Versatility!
  • Chief – Superior Novice Tunnelers; Superior Novice Versatility; Novice All Around
  • Elijah – Novice Tunnelers
  • Lela Dax – Open Outstanding Weavers
  • Annabelle – Novice TNG Title
  • Luke – First Open Title –TNG
  • Biscuit 1st Q + 1st Place!
  • Karma - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
  • Kyra – Novice Weavers title
  • Elijah - Novice Weavers title
  • Annabelle – Novice Weavers title
  • Tak - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers

AADS April 2015 NADAC Agility Trial Report!

Muddy Aftermath
The Muddy Aftermath

OK, so the weather wasn't exactly perfect this time around. It was cold and rainy most of the weekend. And we had a few stressful moments while getting things under way. But despite the rain and other issues, the trial went well and the dogs and people still had a great time! Thank you to our judge Ed Scharringhausen, who was a great sport and stood cheerfully out in the rain all weekend, and thank you to all the volunteers who kept a great attitide all weekend and kept everything running smoothly!

We have many brags to report:

  • Sapphire - 1st open Reg Q!
  • Blayze - Tunnelers Title!
  • Blink - Elite Chances Title
  • Pye - V-NATCH2
  • Echo - 1st Q in NADAC!
  • Sonic - Novice Jumpers Title
  • Karma - Novice Outstanding Weavers
  • Karma - Novice Outstanding Jumpers
  • Dinah - Open Outstanding Tunnelers
  • Dinah - Open Outstanding Weavers
  • Dinah - Novice Chances
  • Dinah - Novice Versaility
  • Elijah - Novice TouchNGo - 1st Title!
  • Ogden - Novice Chances - 1st Title
  • Tupper - 1st Elite Q (Jumpers)
  • Sarah did a great job running Quinn
  • Rusty - Novice Versatility
  • Coco - Open Tunnelers Outstanding!
  • Rusty - Novice Tunnelers Outstanding
  • Sonic - Tunnelers Title
  • Leanne Brownlee-Bowen took lots of great pictures at the trial - you can see them here. If you see any photos of your dog that you would like a copy of, feel free to email Leanne!

AADS October 2014 NADAC Agility Trial Report!

We had almost perfect weather and lots of great performances! Judge Bernie Doyle brought some fun and sometimes challenging courses, and the weekend culminated with the much-anticipated "Battle of Blacksburg" in tunnelers, which kept everyone in suspense as David Burnette and SadieL beat Mary-Ellen Burnette and Rally's time, only to get beaten by Mary-Ellen and SeeYa!

We have many brags to report:

  • Kalle Q'd!
  • Jazzy - Novie Superior Versatility!
  • Zia and Lela got their TouchNGo runs
  • Coco - Novice TNG, Open Tunnelers, and Open Reg titles!
  • Emmy completed more than 1/2 a course!
  • Rosie - Elite TNG-500
  • Bailey - Elite Regular Superior
  • Quinn - Open Weavers title and 1st place!
  • Squeaker - Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All-Round!
  • Pye - NATCH2
  • Bailey - Elite Jumpers 300
  • Chief - Novice Weavers
  • Lela - Outstanding Novice Chances and Weavers
  • Zia - perfect day and Bonus Jumpers
  • Lela - Superior Open Jumpers
  • Mac - first Jumpers and Tunnelers Q's!
  • Brie - NATCH4
  • Squeaker - Elite Regular title
  • Karma - Novice Weavers and Jumpers titles!
  • Rami - Open TNG, Open Versatility
  • Jet - 1st Q ever!
  • Blink - Open Superior TNG
  • Jazzy - Open Superior TNG
  • SadieL beat Rally
  • Seeya beat SadieL (Battle of Blacksburg)

Leanne Brownlee-Bowen took lots of great pictures at the trial - you can see them here. If you see any photos of your dog that you would like a copy of, fell free to email Leanne!


Andrea and NATCH2 Pye with Judge Bernie Doyle
(photo by Leanne Brownlee-Bowen )

UCD Brie and UCD Pye!

Brie and Pye both finished their UCD titles at the K9 Konnections UKC Obedience trials on May 31 and June 1, 2014.


NATCH Tippet! And AADS April Trial Report

**Photos from the trial are now available at Fur-Fetched Photography!**

Jennie Jones and her awesome little dog Tippet finished their first NATCH at our own All-American Dog Sports trial April 27, 2014 with a very exciting Chances run! What a great team!

NATCH Tippet

Jennie and NATCH Tippet (photo by Fur-Fetched Photography)

Our fifth trial was our largest ever! Thanks to all who came out and helped us make this trial a success - especially all those who volunteered and kept things running smoothly! We had some nice sunny weather, a few sunburns, and some challenging courses from judge Scott Casino. Lots of dog/handler teams had great moments, including:

  • Lee Anne McAdam and Squeaker: Superior Novice TouchNGo
  • Cathy Wyatt and Bailey: Oustanding Elite TouchNGo and Outstanding Elite Regular
  • David Burnette and Sadie L: First Chances Q
  • Nicole Boyle and Ogden: First Q (in Chances no less!)
  • Celeste Crisman and Luke: First trial, several Q's!
  • Sandi Johnston and Storm: First Title in Regular
  • Cathy Wyatt and Rosie: WV-E 600!
  • Linda Anderson and Lela: Open Jumpers Title
  • Linda Anderson and Zia: EJC 900, WV-E 700, 7500 Lifetime Points
  • Laura Green and Derby - Novice Jumpers Title
  • Laura Nolan Kroeger and Shimmy: First trial and First Q (in jumpers!)
  • Jennie Jones and Tippet: NATCH!!
  • Cindy Lubin and Tupper: First Open Regular Q (12 poles!)
  • Lee Anne McAdam and Jack: Superior Open TouchNGo
  • Sharon Harrell and Dinah: Outstanding Novice TouchNGo and Tunnelers
  • Wendy Biggs and Leah: Novice Regular Title!
  • Leanne Brownlee-Bowen and Annabelle: First title! TN-N!
  • Cindi McKenzie and Mac: First trial, first jumpers!

Congrats to everyone on your accomplishments!


L to R: Andrea, Leanne and Annabelle with their new
title ribbon, and judge Scott Casino


L to R: Andrea, Sharon and Dinah with their new title ribbons, and judge Scott Casino. Photo by Fur-Fetched



Pye finished his first NATCH at the Tails Up NADAC trial in Chesapeake, VA on Feb 22, 2014, and quickly followed it up with his first Versatility NATCH at the Star City Canine Club in Roanoke, VA on March 22, 2014.


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